Schedule savings are 2 days of construction time which would be difficult to quantify, but of significant value. These savings in schedule would depend on the builder, the crew size, the number of projects, time of year, the amount of financing and terms, etc.

Common Systems

The system can utilize both common eight foot (96 inch) forms and ten foot (120 inch) forms for the Symons™ and the length and width of the RAP-I-FORM® panels can also vary. The system is equally applicable for four foot forms for frost walls or crawl spaces.

Cost Savings

The savings of using FootLess Forms is significant. An estimated savings on an average house is approximately $5,275 on an average 1,400 SF house.

Labor Savings

Labor is required to form the footing, pour the footing, finish the footing, wait 2 days, strip the footing and then set the forms. This labor would be eliminated with the FootLess Form.